The way we are setting up Elevatte, is unlike conventional gyms. Streamlining an individual’s fitness interest via dedicated hourly classes spread throughout the day. We are not just offering individuals, a membership for a yoga/zumba/calisthenics/HIIT class. We are offering them a fitness programme and an experience to help them achieve their desired goals and objectives. Yes the model of classes comes with a few limitations in terms of flexibility to adjust timings but there is a reason why this is not all that bad. Let me explain. Today Mr. X is feeling “inspired” to workout, take up a fitness activity to ‘make a change’. He/She is fed up with the way the look and/or feel and want to do something about it. At this stage individuals are open to the idea of taking up an annual gym membership at their local health clubs. They realise they are at a place where they do not want to be and hence they attempt to make a change. This is stage 1. What happens now in a conventional gym set up is that: Mr X signs up to an annual plan (Avg. INR 20,000). Since majority of the population is either overweight or obese so let’s assume that Mr. X’s objective is to lose weight and improve their fitness levels. Just starting out MR X is unaware of the routine he/she needs to follow, proper form of exercises to be done, food he/she needs to eat and rest he needs in order to achieve his/her goal of losing fat. Without the proper guidance on nutrition and training its been a month and Mr X still hasn’t seen the changes required for him/her to continue to be motivated. Slowly the frequency of going to the gym reduces and after a month or two they are back to where they started. What has happened here is: Mr X has wasted on average INR 20,000 while the gym has made INR 20,000 for a passive member hardly using their space and resources. Mr X is back to square one and has lost majority of his/her motivation to change. Loss – Win. We’ve lost Mr X at Stage 1 itself. But what are these Stages ? We’ll come to that. It is said that on average 1/5th of members actually make use of the gym. In a 500 member space there are 400 passive members (some who have never seen the space again after the first day of enrolling) and 100 active members. Gyms typically sell memberships with the expectation that a mere 18% of people will actually use them. Meaning there is a 1/5 chance you’ll use yours consistently for longer than a month. As mentioned above stage 1 is the “Inspired” stage, where an individual makes the first step towards achieving a goal in terms of fitness. In order for them to achieve their goals and make the changes they want they need to be able to reach the final stage i.e fulfillment. But what comes in between? This is what we call the “Dedicated” Stage. Now if an individual is “inspired” they are aware of the fact that they need to make a change and there will be things to do, new habits to form in order to achieve what they set out to achieve. Thus, booking people on a certain time slot enables them to prioritise their fitness tasks, which then leads to less absenteeism, higher frequency and thus better and faster results. This is what sets Elevatte apart from its competitors. We work closely with athletes and instructors to keep individuals dedicated and interested in their fitness activities to achieve their goals, enabling a smooth transition through the stages, from “Inspired” to “Dedicated” to “Fulfillment”. Having a team of highly experienced coaches to personally address the problems for each individual member and come up with quick, convenient solutions to tackle them. We are working with the smartest minds and fittest individuals in the fitness industry to bring this entire package to our members. Unlike conventional gyms, which are flooded with louzy trainers, half arsed about gym members and clients. Our trainers are influencers with a massive crowd of people looking to learn from them and train under them and Elevatte is bridging that gap. We are bringing instructors and fitness influencers who are extremely talented and have previously addressed large gatherings of people at seminars/workshops and events and changed their lives. Imagine what happens when you train directly under their guidance in a 1 to 6 class scenario, the level of personalisation increases multi fold and the guarantee of results that much easier. In a situation where Mr X hires an instructor to train him/her: Mr X pays annual membership fee. 20,000 Mr X pays trainer monthly fee. 30,000 Trainer pays annual membership fee. (Mr X bears the cost of this too) 20,000 Mr X / Trainer pays gym a monthly fee. 6,000 Loss – Win In Elevatte, Mr X signs up for Instructor A’s Calisthenics class: Mr X pays Elevatte monthly fee INR 7500 Mr X receives 1-6 training (personal) along with a 3 month nutrition plan. Mr X receives continuous online and offline support throughout their fitness journey. Mr X walks out having achieved the desired results. Win – Win