Functional Training HIIT

Tutor: Ambar Sood
Schedule: Monday/Wednesday/Friday 8-9 AM and 8-9 PM


Working out with a time crunch? Love a quick workout? Join our HIIT sessions designed to improve performance and increase your cardiovascular health. Burn fat, build muscle and increase stamina, all in less than an hour. Unrivaled group classes perfectly designed to help you achieve your cardiovascular health as well as strength, conditioning and stamina goals.

What is HIIT?
High intensity interval training is a form of interval training, a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods, making you work to your absolute limit. We have added our own tweaks to make it functional, dynamic, exhausting and fun.

How we do it?
The 12 classes will ensure you improve your overall cardiovascular health, reduce fat and build lean muscle mass.

During these sessions you will be performing a variety of exercises both compound and functional. This will include body weight training, free weights and athletic movements in order to maximise functionality as well as strength and speed!

The most exciting part is that no two sessions will be the same, so monotony goes out of the window.

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Results : Improves Cardiovascular Health | Improves mobility, speed, stamina & agility | Improves Strength & Conditioning | Weight Loss